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What to Expect with Your New Conservatory

Having a DIY conservatory would definitely add beauty to your home. No doubt your neighbours think so, too. After generating funds for the construction, seeing it’s already done is a relief. But is it all?

There is more to having a new structure built on your property which makes communication with your builder a must. Below are things that you can expect with your new conservatory:

1. You might need to change the roofing

There is a possibility that you have to replace the roofing material that you now have. It basically depends on the type of roofing you have chosen; which is especially true with using shingles and fiber glass.

Weather and seasonal changes could weaken the structure of your roofing which can leave it looking ugly or being non-functional at all.

2. You need to clean the glass regularly

If you are using glass for the walls and the roofing, you have to clean the glass regularly unless yours have the technology of self-cleaning. Employing window cleaners, particularly for hard to reach surfaces would be best.

Glass cleaning might even become a must during autumn as dried leaves and twigs could block your view above.

3. It’s very attractive to burglars

And the worst thing that you can expect with your stunning structure is that it is attractive to burglars. If you don’t have good security system, better have one.

Your conservatory could look vulnerable and tempting at the same time. As much as possible don’t house furniture and electronics which are easy to prey on. Having heavy furniture are best to frustrate burglars.

Following these tips, you can prepare for unseen situations and easily act on them. If there are things you aren’t quite sure about your DIY conservatory, don’t hesitate to contact your builder and ask for suggestions.

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