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DIY Conservatory Styles


Having a conservatory has various benefits, such as it adds more space in your home, you get to enjoy a garden all year round, and it increases the value of your home. However, when deciding to have one, there are certain considerations that you have to take, and one of them is the style, especially if you are going DIY. You have to know what suits your house best; otherwise, your conservatory will stick out like a sore thumb. So, what are the different DIY conservatory styles, and which one would fit with your house?

1. Lean-to Style

Rectangular in shape, the lean-to style is an excellent choice if you wish to have additional square footage to your downstairs living area. While many people assume that this style has a flat roof, it may also come with a pitched roof, helping channel rain water properly and stop leaking. Having a lower roof profile, it goes perfectly well with bungalows.

2. Victorian Style

If you are going for a classic but very stylish style, then choose the Victorian style. Requiring less footage, it suits all house styles. As such, it is the most popular style. It has a bay front, a steeply pitched roof, and intricate ridge details.

3. Edwardian Style

The most important characteristic of the Edwardian style is its square shape, which maximizes the floor space. Moreover, its sloping roof creates a greater impression of space, creating a relaxed living space. Because it has a classic roof shape, it will go well with both period or modern houses.

4. P-Shaped Style

This style is for you if you are willing to spend more and are looking for a multi-purpose room. The additional space it takes up will be worth it as the result would be a great looking conservatory with lots of space.

In sum, a DIY conservatory is a great home improvement investment. There are different styles to choose from, according to the type of house you have, your taste, and your budget. The four common ones are the lean-to style, Victorian style, Edwardian style, and P-shaped style. If you are not very sure about which style is for you, consult a credible DIY conservatory company. It is an investment, and you have to make informed decisions if you want to have it according to what you need and want. Then you would be able to enjoy it, which is a great payoff for the amount of money you have spent on it.


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