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The care you get from Dream Conservatories, before and after sales is unbelievably brilliant! I can not praise you all enough!

Maureen S

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I would like to thank you and the Dream team for all the help and support you gave me and I will be recommending you to every one. I have attached some photos for you to see and you would be welcome anytime to look at it.

J Wilkinson

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DIY Conservatory Project build in Six Days Using The Instabuild Steel Base and Modular Wall System

You can build a conservatory in less time but the following show just how it can be done in six.

Day 1 – Project : Build Your Own Conservatory Using Durabase Steel Base

The Durabase Steel Base and Modular wall system does not require 1 metre deep footings to be dug. The unique steel base means that the Durabase System only needs a very small amount of digging. The only digging required is to locate a small amount of concrete pads.

Because there is no need for any large scale excavations, soil removal, cement mixing and tonnes of aggregate to back fill the preparation for the base itself is a lot quicker and cheaper.

You also benefit from not having much disruption to your garden, should that be important to you.



Day 2 – Modular Wall Assembled

In day 2 you should have completely assembled the Durabase steel Base. During the assembly you will have levelled it and finally you will then bolt it onto the exterior wall. If a modular wall is being used with the steel Base then the modular wall will be bonded and attached to the frame with bolts.

This stage wold not be required if the steel base if for a conservatory where the glass is going to be full height.

The Durabase modular wall is made to match the existing brickwork or render on the house. There are a large variety of real clay brick, stone or rendered finishes to match the existing house.

With the steel base and modular wall completed you are ready to start constructing the conservatory.

RTEmagicC_day2_1.jpg RTEmagicC_day2_2.jpg


Days 3 and 4 – Frame, Doors and Roof Fitted

The pre-routed sills are then fitted to the modular wall system and the DIY conservatory frames are slid into place and locked together with the simple locking system. The frames, doors and roof are all ready to go on and should be complete in just 2 days.

If there is any wiring or plumming that is required then these can easily be hidden within the cavity in the Durabase modular wall system. This cavity has been specifically designed for this purpose.

RTEmagicC_day3_1.jpg RTEmagicC_day3_2.jpg


Day 5 – Underfloor Heating Insulation & Tiling

If you require any underfloor heating then the suspended floor makes installation simple. During day 5 any insulation or additional underfloor work is carried out.

Walls are fitted with additional insulation if required and the internal wall panels are fitted. There is a large selection of internal wall panes that are availble:

The bridging tiles are bonded in place ready for pointing the next day.

RTEmagicC_day5_1.jpg RTEmagicC_day5_2.jpg RTEmagicC_day5_3.jpg



Day 6 – Final Touches

This is the finishing off day. For a good match with the existing wall a cement mix is supplied which is used for the pointing

Whatever work is required around the conservatory, like patio or paving needs to be made good.

You’ve finished! after a general clean up around the conservatory you are ready to use it in any way you desire.

RTEmagicC_day6_1.jpg RTEmagicC_day6_2.jpg

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