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Edwardian / Georgian Conservatories

Edwardian Conservatories


Edwardian DIY Conservatory

The elegant Edwardian conservatory is a very popular style because it is attractive whilst at the same time giving you maximum usable space being rectangle in shape.

The roof is similar to a Victorian, normally having a 25% pitch, which makes the room very airy and atmospheric.

A conservatory like a Lean To Conservatory is  ideal as a Dining room, Playroom, Office, Gymnasium, Chill Out Room, Hobby Room, Dance Studio, Kitchen, Jacuzzi room or for any other use that you may want additional space in your home.

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Artists love conservatories because of the wonderful light they allow. A conservatory is paradise for the garden lover and bird watcher.

A conservatory is a ‘Feel Good Room’. They take away the winter blues and are a room in which you will be drawn to every day. They often become the most enjoyed and used room in the house.

It can have either a single hipped roof that is sealed directly to the house wall, or a double hipped roof that will often have a box gutter where it meets the house. A double hipped roof is ideal for bungalows.