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Yes! A Fast Easy Way To Build A Conservatory Base

Conservatory Steel Bases


Steel Base Cross Section

At Last – A DIY Conservatory Base That Does Not Need A Builder, Saves You Money, Time and Comes With a 25 Year Guarantee

You are ready to make your choice of conservatory and you want to carry out as much of the installation as possible yourself.

As you probably know, the first part of the job is to build the base and walls. This is normally the most difficult and back breaking part of the operation. With the exception of practically experienced and fit DIYers this work is normally carried out by skilled and very often expensive professional craftsmen.

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Modular Wall System

Sometimes even when you employ the services of a builder to carry out this work, things don’t always go as smoothly as you would like them to.

It would be untrue to say that there are no good builders available or that they are all unreliable but it is true to say that it is becoming harder and harder to find a builder that will do the job on time, in budget and to a good professional standard. As the industry gets busier the problem will only get worse.

If you are lucky enough to find a good builder to do the job at a fixed price and over a set period you may still have the problem of the British weather to contend with.

Modular Wall System

A good builder will not build in wet or frosty conditions, as this will not only be detrimental to the finished job and may result in serious permanent damage, but will invariably ruin the garden and it may take years to recover.

DIY Conservatory built in just 6 Days using the Durabase Steel Base and Modular Wall System


We Have Made It Easy For You

We have the solution to these and other problems with a unique steel base and modular wall system from Durabase. This amazing steel conservatory base product has been designed to look and perform exactly like a conventionally built system, without all the drawbacks. It comes with a choice of real brick or render finishes.  Manufactured from steel with full insulation to floor and walls it delivers an impressive U-value of 0.34

It has been developed over a seventeen year period, conforms and in some cases surpasses all current Local Authority regulations relating to conservatory construction. It comes with a fifteen-year guarantee, can be delivered direct to site anywhere in mainland UK or Ireland and everything needed to carry out the installation including full fitting instructions is supplied 12 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Steel Base from Durabase

1. Fifteen Year No Quibble Guarantee – The Durabase System comes with a fifteen year manufacturer’s guarantee, which is five years more than you can get with a conventionally built base.

2. No builder required – Every system comes with full easy to understand fitting instructions and everything needed to do the job is supplied (except plasterboard). There is no need for any previous building or engineering skills and all steelwork is pre drilled. There is also technical help available from Durabase should it be needed.

3. No skips needed to remove spoil, as there are no major earthworks required. As well as saving the customer money this will also reduce the chances of damage to the customers drive, and will greatly reduce the disruption to the customers routine i.e. parking of cars and accessing their garage etc.

4. Manufactured to exact sizes so the conservatory will always fit – It is not unusual that someone will order a conservatory and instruct a builder to build the base and walls, only to find out when the conservatory arrives that it doesn’t fit. More often than not this will result in a dispute between the builder and the customer. The Durabase system is manufactured to engineering standards and will always be an exact fit for the conservatory the customer has ordered.

5. Standard base and walls will take about two days to complete – It should take between one and two days to complete the installation of an Durabase system, including the base and walls. This compares to an average build time for a conventional system of between two to three weeks or more depending on the reliability of the builder.

6. Totally indistinguishable from a conventional build – When the installation has been completed the finished job will be totally indistinguishable from a conventionally built base. This is because the brick slips are actual real brick. The product can also be ordered to take a render finish achieved by the use of an expanded metal (XPM) layer being fitted in place of the brick slips which can be rendered or pebble dashed on site.

7. Dozens of brick finishes, plus render and pebbledash option – Matching bricks to the original property when building an extension or conservatory has always been a challengeas over the years many designs have been discontinued. With the Durabase extensive range of real brick finishes, plus the render and pebble dash options we can usually get pretty close even if we don’t have an exact match

8. Can be carried through house when no rear access available – One possible difficulty with a conventionally built base can be gaining access to the rear of some sites. With terraced houses if they don’t have a rear access it is very often the case that everything including bricks, concrete, wheelbarrows and cement mixers have to be taken through the house or even lifted over the roof. The Durabase system is delivered to site in its component parts and bolted together in the back garden, making access to the rear of the property a simple task.

9. Can be fitted over existing patios (no need to dig up tonnes of concrete) In many cases existing patios and pathways can be left in situ and the base can be built over the top, this will save a lot of work and expense on waste removal.

10. Manholes and drain can be left in place – With a conventional system building a conservatory over a manhole can be prohibitive. One option is to build the manhole into your new conservatory floor. This would require a special sealed manhole cover to prevent odours getting into the building, which can be expensive and is not really desirable. Another option is to have it moved. Moving a manhole is a very big job and will cost a lot of money. With the Durabase system the manhole can be left where it is and we can fit an access panel in the floor, should access be needed at a later date. Because the system is vented below the floor it is not necessary to install a sealed manhole cover.

11. Moisture resistant wooden floor means no waiting for concrete to cure – Many people don’t realise and builders do not always tell customers that a concrete base must be left at least eight weeks and sometimes longer in the winter months before any kind of flooring can be laid. This is because it takes that long for the concrete to completely cure. Failure to adhere to this can result in expensive flooring being ruined or tiles lifting after just a few weeks. The Durabase system has a moisture resistant timber floor that is ready for tiling or any other type of flooring as soon as it has been laid, and the superior insulation quality of the floor makes it perfect for under floor heating.

12. Highest possible quality, accepted by Architects, Planners, and Discerning Customers – Unlike previous products that have been manufactured as a quick alternative to conventional bases, the Durabase system has been designed and manufactured to a standard that not only meets, but exceeds the requirements demanded by planning and building control departments.