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Conventional versus Durabase Build Comparison

Comparison of Conservatory Bases

Below is a direct comparison between a conventional build conservatory base and the Durabase Steel Base system.

We have compared 16 different attributes, tasks or activities that take place when building a conventional conservatory base. For each item on the list you can see what the responsibility would be if you chose an Durabase Steel Base.
Table Comparing Conventional Build vs Durabase Steel Base

Conventional Durabase
Pad Stones No Yes
Durabase System No Yes
1 Metre deep foundations Yes No
Skips Yes No
Ballast Yes No
Building Sand Yes No
Squints Yes No
Bricks Yes No
Cement Yes No
Scalpings Yes No
DPM Yes No
DPC Yes No
Steel Mesh Yes No
New manhole Yes No
Sharp Sand Yes No
Building Team Yes No

Advantages of the Durabase Steel Base

  • No builders required to install steel base
  • Conservatory steel base is custom made to meet your specification
  • Site disruption is kept to a minimum
  • DIY Conservatory Installation with Steel base is quick and simple
  • No large scale excavations, no soil removal
  • No need to tonnes of aggregate for backfilling
  • No need for large scale cement mixing or building work
  • Ideal when the conservatory is placed where site access is difficult, uneven or sloping
  • No need to move manholes or drains
  • Can be installed all year round, no bad weather hold-ups
  • The Durabase steel base can be positioned over existing patios or on flat roofs and balconies
  • Integral insulation ensures it is warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Conforms to building regulations and is designed to BSI standards