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At Last... A DIY Conservatory Company With Trading Standards Approval!

You can buy a DIY Conservatory from literally thousands of outlets, some on the Internet and others not. But one thing for sure - you want to know that the company you buy from is reputable and adhere to set standards and guidelines. Listen to what our customers have to say about us.


DIY Conservatory projects are far more common nowadays than when we started out way back in March 2005. Although individuals were building their own outhouses and lean to conservatories there was not the availability and sophistication in the market that we have today.

Naturally there are many more companies selling conservatories to the public and the landscape has become a lot more crowded. But that has not changed what we offer here at Dream Conservatories Online. Over the years we have had feedback from thousands of customers who have helped us to improve our business and enabled us to offer better products to other DIY conservatory customers.

It is not just about quality products though. In addition to better products there are two other main areas that we have focused on:

1. Customer support

2. Buy With confidence

Customer Support

Support is paramount. When you embark on your own DIY project, whether you are building a garden shed or a P Shaped DIY conservatory, if you get stuck then you want to know that there is a technical, experienced resource that you can call on for help.

And when we talk about support we’re not just talking about a manual, a YouTube video or a DVD, we’re talking about someone to talk to that understands the exact product you have. We have talked hundreds of customers through the process and know how to get you to the finished target, your beautiful very own conservatory..

Buy With Confidence

Dream Conservatories Online were the first online DIY conservatory company to be approved by the Trading Standards in their Buy With Confidence scheme. Some, very few though, have followed suit. The rest either can’t be bothered or simply don’t care enough about their customers to improve their standards.

And because we are Trading Standards Approved you have complete peace of mind when you make your purchase. Watch a video interview with Alan May, MD of Dream

Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from doing the job yourself and knowing that it is just perfect.

However, when building DIY conservatories, you do not want to make any mistakes. You want clear, succinct, professional advice. You want to understand your options and make the right decisions. Selecting a steel base for your DIY conservatory may be part that decision.

This is exactly what we are here to provide for you…. And we pride ourselves in making sure you are fully informed and totally happy with the decisions and choices you make.

Why Choose Us

Why You Should Choose Us For Your Self Build Conservatory?

Being Trading Standards Approved, along with our complete service stands us apart from almost every other conservatory company on the market, so we are confident that once you've found us you will be happy with what we have to offer.

The reassurance that your DIY conservatory is in safe hands. We have been helping people like yourself for over twenty years and know the conservatory business inside out. Our vast experience with DIY conservatories and steel bases is second to none.

Our expertise means that we will work relentlessly to provide you with the best possible DIY conservatory that meets your needs, whether you have an existing base or need a top quality steel base to effortlessly support your DIY conservatory investment.

Our independence in the market has enabled us to select the best products available for every part of your DIY conservatory which means that you get the best return on your investment. This includes selecting a steel base and modular wall system you can effortlessly erect in days, a modular and highly durable frame system and the best quality glazing and roof support system of your choice.

We guarantee you personal attention. We will return your calls and emails promptly and do whatever it takes to make your DIY conservatory purchase a success - and should you decide that you need time to think your project over, we promise not to hassle you - only to help when you want the help

Now that you understand how we can help you, you may be wondering what to do next….

We suggest you think through the following questions. We will be delighted to answer any questions you have related to DIY conservatories, and give you all the help you need to make your project a success!

Here are some questions to consider before you start your project:

• Will you need conservatory planning permission?

• What foundation are you going to use - a steel base conservatory?

• Will you get at least a 15 year guarantee on your conservatory base?

• Does your conservatory come with a steel conservatory base?

• How long will it take you, days or weeks?

• What is a guide to your conservatory prices?

• Do you have access to experts that can help you along the process if you get stuck

• How will you insulate your conservatory for all year use?

• Will you get at least a 10 year guarantee on your conservatory roof ?

• Will the conservatory glass you choose meet the safety regulations?

What To Do Next

Have a browse through the site. There some good resources, loads of testimonials and some useful videos to help you build a better picture of who we are and how we have helped many customers just like yourself.

When you have had a good look and you like what you see then contact us in one of 3 ways:

1. Call us on the telephone - yes we are here and often work quite late and like to talk

2. Fill out a contact form and request a time when you’d like us to call you back

3. Or fill out the quote form and let us know what you’re looking for

a. This will give us the opportunity to do some research into your exact requirements so when we talk we can give you some useful information.

Not Just A Quote

It’s worth noting at this point that we don’t just give you a quote. We can give you a price for any type of conservatory, but we have learned that it is best to fully understand your requirements, as good advice can often save you money in the long run.

We want to ensure that we get all the detail right so that your conservatory is situated well, has openers in the right place, considers drains and manhole covers, takes into consideration bungalows and sloping ground and all the other variables that have an impact on what you need to consider BEFORE you purchase your conservatory.

We're more than just a conservatory company, we're your Dream conservatory company.


Chris & Sandra Bideford Devon

We had our Dream conservatory erected a few weeks ago by two local recommended fitters. Everything went to plan and we are delighted with the end product. It took five days start to finish.

We saved approx £4500 from the best quote by a local company.

Ian S Devises Wiltshire

I wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased we are with our new conservatory. It has been really easy to assemble and we are really happy with the quality of the product and the customer service we have received. 

Thank you.

Peter D

You impressed me with the way that you represented the company and were able to give direct answers to my questions without hesitation and assured me that you would always be available to answer any queries and that you were not the sort of company that would take my money and then abandon me!!