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Lean To conservatory Styles & Prices

Lean To Conservatories


Lean To Conservatory Style

The Lean-to is a very popular design as it will give you a lovely modern style conservatory with maximum usable space at the lowest possible price. See our Lean To Conservatory Prices.

The only difference between this and an Edwardian is the roof. The Lean-to slopes from the front of the conservatory straight up to the house.

The Lean-to is ideal as a Dining room, Playroom, Office, Gymnasium, Chill Out Room, Hobby Room, Dance Studio, Kitchen or for any other use that you may want additional space in your home.

The Lean-to can be any width and can project into your garden for up to about 4 metres (12 feet). This design can go around corners, into corners, be L shaped and is very versatile.

For an alternative to a Lean-to at very little additional cost it is worth considering a Gull Wing on the next page.

Look here for our modular Lean To Conservatory Prices


The basis of this building is that it has a pent roof which slopes away from the house to the front of the conservatory.  The slope, or pitch, can vary from 2.5 degrees to 45 degrees or even more, depending on the appearance that you want and what your property will allow.

The Lean to will be either square or rectangular and the guttering will run across the front of the conservatory.